Preparing and sharing food has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. My parents and grandparents did mission work internationally and their work garnered appreciation from the families of patients from all walks of life. I have vivid memories of dining with the wealthy parents of differently-abled children in fine restaurants. There were also deliveries of humble foods like lentils and rice to our home because those expressions came from impoverished people ashamed to invite us to their homes. No matter where my family was or in what financial state, we always found conviviality at the table. Everyone in my family cooks. It is our connection, competition, and a collective language of love. When we sit down to one meal we are already planning the next. Like any family, we have our share of drama and frustrations but when dinner is served none of that matters. When we travel together the beautiful sights and fun activities are simply ways to pass the time between meals!


As an adult, I’ve spent 15 years as a food photographer and 7 years as a chef. I’ve made photos and videos affecting millions of dollars in sales for regional and national companies. I’ve sat on the board for Charcuterie Masters, a national organization aiming to develop and support regional producers of sustainable cured meat products. I’ve been ambassador chef for Candor Seafood, a company focused on promoting honesty and sustainability in the notoriously unscrupulous seafood industry. I’ve contributed to a James Beard Award-nominated cookbook focused on teaching wholesome techniques to home cooks.

Seeing a need to connect producers, restaurants, and consumers, I founded Ronin Chef in 2015.

ServSafe Certified

Rasul Welch

Chef & Founder

Although he’s untethered by restaurant life, a Ronin Chef still needs a team!

Jaime Weinfeld

Co-Founder & Magic Maker

With a passion for producing memorable experiences for the stage and special events that connect individuals in unique ways, Jaime is thrilled to partner with Chef Rasul to continue to make a positive and powerful impact on the community through the launch of Ronin Chef. Contact us today for your next celebration or community partnership.  

Stephanie Holmes

Social Media Master

Graduating from Capital University with a BA in Media Communications and Public Relations, and a passion for social media and video production. Stephanie met Chef Rasul in July 2019 and quickly built a friendship. When Ronin Chef launched Stephanie was thrilled to officially join the Ronin Chef team and to use her skills to tell the world about Ronin Chef through captivating visual content and video production. Head to our social media pages to say hi and see her handy work!

What is Ronin Chef?

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